Sad Flight to the Sun

 1. Someone Looks For Me
 2. Is There A Way Out Of This Place
 3. Hang Up Gently
 4. Beauty Queen
 5. You Know The Way
 6. Do You Remember Dreams
 7. Play The Games
 8. You Said I
 9. Over
10. All I Know
11. Golden Sea
12. Image
13. The Sun In My Eyes
14. When The Wind Blows Down
15. Sad Flight To The Sun
16. You Know The Way
17. When All Strange Things Were New

2009 The album was written and recorded
off and on between 2002 and 2008, though
several songs were recorded as demos in 2000
at the time But What of Dreams was being
recorded.  The bulk of the recording was
finished by November of 2006 when Becka Lee
took on the job of creating artwork for the
The track sequence was finalized shortly

But What of Dreams

 1. Song For Tomorrow
 2. Savoy Ballroom
 3. Could the times be changing
 4. There Is No Turning Back
 5. Try to understand
 6. No one else could
 7. Too high a price
 8. Some Old Movie
 9. I'll Always Be Waiting
10.But What Of Dreams

2001 Rob’s second album.  It was recorded to
computer with software allowing only 10 total
tracks and no ability to add effects or eq once
recorded.  Recorded mostly in Rob’s bedroom
using a keyboard for the majority of the sounds,
including drums & bass.  This was a less than
ideal way of creating the music tracks, but the
strong songwriting helped make up for it.  The
release show took place at Dixey City Limits on
March 10, 2001.

Rob Hemmick

 1. Empy Days
 2. Kember Hill
 3. You Can Have What You Need
 4. My Angel
 5. solo piano improvisation
 6. Elizebeth
 8. Bright Tomorrow
10.All Day Long
13.Don't You
14.Seventh Street Beginning
15.All Mercy's Bright
17.Is It By Design
18.The Fighting
2000 Rob’s first album.  A collection of songs
quickly recorded to a cassette 4-track.  This
method left the songs with rough edges while
capturing the initial inspiration and feel of the
material.  Several shorter ‘connecting’ tracks
are mixed with the longer traditional songs. 
Several of the piano tracks were recorded in
Mount Vernon, Ohio at the former Nazarene
College (now University), including an
improvised jazz piano piece recorded as a
friend slept on the floor of the practice room.